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Larissa, we truly apologize for what happened to your mailbox. As a company we are dedicated to integrity and ethical business practices and the situation you’ve described is not in line with how we expect our customers to be treated. It’s our understanding that we did speak with you yesterday to offer our apologies and address your concerns and that we are currently working with you on a resolution. If you have any other questions or concerns before this time, please feel free to email us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Greer, South Carolina

I am very disappointed with Empire. The Rep came to our home 2 weeks ago for a consultation. As she left she backed up into our mail box. She called me an hour later to let us know. She said she would 'send out a handyman' the following week. My husband was furious and of course had to fix the mail box himself. We spend about $50 on material plus my husbands' time.

I called corporate and they informed me that we would receive reimbursement for the damages. I tried to contact the District Manager 'Jeremy' and Jeanette the 'office manager' at the Greenville office was rather rude when I explained our situation and why I needed to speak with the manager. She promised that she would pass on my information and that 'Jeremy' the manager would call me back and ensure a reimbursement.

I have not received 1 call or email to resolve this, much less a reimbursement check!!!

Empire carpet is shameful!

#1 they are very 'backwards' in their quoting and pricing (everything is down by paper and pen (cavemen style) .... you ever hear of supplying your reps with a lap top and even using a simple template formula in an Excel file????? So that they don't have to take up an entire evening of peoples time?!

#2 Not resolving a customer complaint and issue like a 'hit mail box' is just horrible business practice.

#3 I put down a deposit of $200 to hold the pricing should other vendors come in competitively - but after this incident I cancelled my order the next day, Friday and OH MY OH MY they gave me the 'run around' to get my refund. Then by Monday I had not recieved a cancellation email confirmation so I called in and just as I called I received an email Confirming installation!!! I was furious and the rep on the line advised that 'someone' by some strange name had called in and re-activated the order.


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