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Cindy, I’ve read your post and am sorry to hear your mother wasn’t satisfied with her installation experience. We were able to look up your mother’s account, and it is my understanding that we’ve been working with her to address her concerns. I understand we recently recompleted the installation on her stairs, and have followed back with her to ensure she was satisfied. If you, or your mother, have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Cicero, Illinois

When the Empire Carpet salesman Tony Tampa arrived at my mothers house he proceeded to give her an estimate for her family room and basement. My mother was so impressed with the salesman that she had him give her an estimate for the entire house. He provided her with his cell phone number if she had any questions. She contacted him a day later and said that she was unsure of making a purchase for the whole house, at which point, Tony said don't worry. He made assurances to my mother that it was no issue what so ever that she only get the 2 rooms done.

The 1st day of install when very well, my mother loved the install guys, she even gave them a TV that she had laying around. She was so impressed that she contacted Mr. Tampa the next day and proceeded to order the carpet for the rest of the house, with the stipulation that the same installers would be back to finish the job. Mr. Tampa assured her that the same guys would be back the next day (1st lie coming), however, when the next day came it was 3 different installers. The installers on the 2nd day were not as skilled with installing the carpet. The installers did not put thresholds between the carpet and the linoleum in the bathrooms, they just cut the carpet straight and butted it up to the laminate. They installed the carpet on the stairs crooked, it had a banana shape going up the stairs. They also did a poor job of mating the carpet up to a ceramic tile foyer.

Now the fun starts up, Mr. Tampa became unreachable entirely, he did not respond to any voice mail messages. He didn't answer is phone when calls were attempted from unknown numbers either.

My mother contacted empire customer service and finally was able to register her complaint after roughly 6 hours of phone play. Empire sent one of there carpet specialists to the house at which point he didn't necessarily feel that there was something wrong with the install. After my mother insisted excessively that the install was not acceptable he finally conceded defeat, he said that he would make the recommendations for repair.

Several days later repair men came to the house and reinstalled the stair carpet (crooked again), they put thresholds in finally, and they sent a carpenter to attempt to repair where the carpet butted up to the ceramic tile. The carpenter they sent said that if he did anything it would make it look worse.

Once again, empire customer service was contacted, after another 6 hours spent, my mother was able to get them to schedule another repair visit to fix the stairs as she was fed up with trying to get the ceramic tile issue taken care of.

Finally today the repairs have been made which is now 2 weeks after the initial install.

Monetary Loss: $7800.

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