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Daryl, I’ve read your post and let me begin by saying, I apologize on behalf of Empire for the inconvenience this may have caused you and that we didn’t meet the level of service that you were expecting. Unfortunately, when it comes to subfloors, it is sometimes difficult to determine the price and the areas that need to be fixed until the existing floor is removed. Empire’s professional installers will evaluate each situation individually and determine the best approach since no two floors are alike. When installing new flooring, it is essential that the floors be prepped properly. I would like to opportunity to further discuss your concerns with you directly. At your convenience, please feel free to contact me at or via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rekebah Clerk – National Customer Service Manager
Charlotte, North Carolina

Empire came out and said they could repair my floor after I told them I had someone else coming out to fix it. So, I agreed to have them repair my floor and install carpet as well.

Total $1250. This price included us moving the furniture and taking up the old carpet and laminate flooring. However, when the installers came out they said that fixing the floor would cost an extra $500 cash direct to them. I only needed about 5 pieces of plywood to cover the whole floor, but they said we needed 10 pieces.

I had only three spots to repair but, they wanted to do the entire area. Bull Butter !! I called Empire and canceled my order. Then I hired the other contractor, who said he could do the repair with 2 pieces of plywood for about $350 total.

Wow!! So, stay away from the Empire of Darkness because they will jack their price way up after their initial quote.

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