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We realize you made arrangements for the scheduled time and we never want customers to feel like we don’t think they’re important to us or their time isn’t valuable. I apologize for any trouble your missed sales appointment caused both you and your wife. We’ve looked up your account and there was an error in the scheduling of your appointment time. From what we understand our sales manager in your local area market has reached out to you but has been unable to reach you. We’d like to offer to send another sales representative to your home. You can email me at or contact my via phone 888-588-2315 x4195 and a member of our Customer Service Team will be in contact with you soon
Saint Charles, Illinois

I read the negative reviews about Empire on this site, but I had recommendations from family that were happy with a previous purchase. But that had been years ago. I thought I would give them a try...

I called and set up an appointment for most of the flooring in my house. I was told that it is very important to have anyone making the decision present at the appointment and they had an opening for tonight at 7:00. This house is about 1 hour away from where we currently live. Since we will be living in this house, my pregnant wife had to come 1 hour and wait in a house with only a couple hard kitchen table chairs for 2 hours waiting for someone who did not show up.

When we called we were told that they don't know what happened. They had the appointment scheduled, but somehow it was lost in transit and although the time was scheduled and in their computer, noone was scheduled to come out. They offered to give us $60 toward our purchase to compensate us to their error. (When we spoke to a manager this number dropped to $50.)

Let me understand this: You fail to show and waste 8 hours of our time (4 hours each, 2 hours drive time + 2 hours waiting) and you will give us $6.25/ hour if we still purchase a carpet from you?????

After speaking to a manager, and asking them to get someone out there we were called back 20 minutes later telling us if we want to wait a little over an hour more, they could have someone meet with us. Let me remind you that my wife is pregnant and not feeling well. Waiting for them would have meant we would have been home well after midnight.

Our lives may not be important to Empire, but we have very little free time and with a baby coming we need to use it wisely. That said, waiting for Empire was not the wisest thing to do on a Monday evening....

This is unacceptable especially in this economy when companies should be trying to please their customers instead of playing around with them. There are other companies out there!!!!

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