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Kristy, as a member of the National Customer Service Team I’d like to reach out to you about the review you posted about your sales appointment. We apologize for the behavior of our sales representative and we’re disappointed by the situation you’ve described as it is not in line with our standard service. It’s my understanding that a member of our customer service team in your local market reached out to you today and left a message. If you’re willing to give us another chance, we’d like to review your quote and work with you to make things right. We want to show you and your husband that we do stand by our promise to provide customers with a great experience and great service. You can give our team a call back, email me at or contact me by phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. We look forward to speaking with you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Had an Empire Carpet salesman in the Cleveland area come out to give me an estimate. They gave me a two hour window of when he would be there which is understandable as they may not know how long they might be at a potential customer's house.

The salesman got there thirty minutes into the time window which was great. He took measurements and discussed pricing and gave me a price. He heard of another estimate I received so he was "trying" to get his estimate close to that. When he got to a comparable price he acted like he was doing me a favor and then kept saying, "if I give you this price can I get your business today?" My husband got home and looked at the estimate and asked if we could have some time to think about it.

The salesman was pissed and told us he wouldn't have wasted his time had he known that my husband had to approve! He kept looking at his watch stating that he did have another appointment to go to (which appeared to us that he was implying that we were wasting his time). My husband and I went to another room to discuss the price and the salesman came by and handed us an estimate $300 less than the first estimate and told us that it was good for 30 days (clearly he was angry). He then stormed off without saying another word.

Now I actually worked in sales, and I've never heard anyone condone the tactic of acting like a customer was a burden. At then end, it almost came across as bullying. It also looks pretty terrible to drop the price $300 at the end, giving off the vibe that he would have "overcharged" us if given the opportunity. I understand that this is the livelihood of these salesman, but this guy did no help to himself or Empire Carpets because of how he acted.

We had other companies come by and give us estimates and none have had salesman like this. We are deciding on our company in the few weeks and Empire Carpets is not in the running.

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