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Dear David,

We live by the golden rule, and treat our customers that way they would like to be treated. We take ownership to ensure that every customer concern is addressed.

We thank you for making us aware of you experience, and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We’ve located your account, and will be further reviewing your concerns.

Thank you,
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Update by user Jun 21, 2019

UPDATE: Empire Today phoned with an apology and refunded my full deposit amount.

Original review posted by user May 22, 2019

I met with a very friendly salesperson, described what I wanted, went through 2 hours of measuring, picked a product, and put down a deposit. Although I wanted solid hardwood, I agreed to engineered hardwood. Later in reviewing the contract I realized that she had written it up for a floating floor when I had requested nail-down or glue-down. The major difficulty was finding a product that could both cover the floors and also do my stairs. When I called to bring that to her attention she stated it would add $3000 to the cost.

I then requested another salesperson to come out, this time to show me the product I had originally requested (solid hardwood.) In the meantime I pulled up the carpet on the stairs and found good quality wood that just needs staining and refinishing. The salesperson had never bothered to check.

A new salesperson came out. He only showed me one sample set. I asked about 5” width samples and he said “Oh those are exotics and cost too much.” I picked a 3 1/2” sample reluctantly while the salesperson fielded a phone call during which he said “I’ll be able to get right out of here to my next call.” He had been in my house for 15 minutes but it was clear he wasn't interested because the first salesperson was getting the commission. He said I would get a call with the estimate the next day.

I had requested not to have any further contact with the first salesperson because I feel she had pushed me into something I didn’t want and wasn’t listening to my requests. There was also an issue about wall base. I don’t want quarter-round, I want new wall base installed over the new floor. She said that their installers wouldn’t do that. The second salesperson said that they would!

The first salesperson called the next day and wanted to come to my house with the new estimate. As I said, I requested no further contact with her so this is was unacceptable situation.

It’s clear the Empire wants to get any kind of floor in my house whether I like it or not. I am beyond exasperated and finally called the management team and cancelled the whole project. Needless to say I lost an $1800 deposit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1821.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Empire Today Pros: Ease of contacting management team.

Empire Today Cons: Salespeople that pushed their choices on me.

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