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As a member of our Customer Service Management Team, I truly apologize for your missed appointments. We know our customers are very busy and we take our scheduled in-home appointments very seriously. Our in-home appointments are the only way our customers can see our products and gain a better understanding of what we offer. I would like to opportunity to speak with you further and follow up with the sales representatives involved. Since I do not have contact information to reach you, please email me at or call me at 888-588-2315 x4195? I forward to hearing from you soon. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Kansas City, Missouri

Today was the second time that I had a scheduled appointment with Empire Today AND the second time that I was stood up without so much as a courtesy call.

We're building a home so we are in need of flooring for the entire house. This would have been a huge sale for Empire Today. I'm pleased to say that it WILL NOT be a sale for them and that their competitor will reap the benefits of Empire's lack of courtesy and poor, poor customer service.

When I made the appointment I told the agent that this was new construction and therefore my home phone number is not at the location. I gave them two cell-phone numbers to use instead. I also asked that the salesman call us on one of the cell #'s 30 minutes prior to arriving.

I called Empire Today as instructed at the beginning of the two-hour time frame on the day of the appointment to determine when the salesman would arrive. I then drove out to our building site to meet him. Approximately 1/2 way into the appointment time, he called my home (again NOT where we needed him to call) and told my daughter that he was on his way. 45 minutes later he hadn't arrived so I called him on his cell (got the number from my daughter on our home's caller ID). The salesman had the gall to tell me that he needed better directions so he turned around and went home. He then asked when a better time to reschedule would be. Since this was a second chance for this so-called business, I informed him that there wasn't a better time and hung up.

When I called the 800# for Empire Today to tell them what happened. I was told that they would make the report and that we would hear from the sales manager within 3 business days. Yeah, right! NOT!!!!!!!!!!

I want nothing to do with a company that stands up their customers without so much as a call.

I beg you not to let them waste your time as they obviously make a habit of wasting peoples time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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