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Dear Kristie,

Our mission is to make beautiful new floors easy for all of our customers from start to finish. We put our customers first and work with a sense of urgency to address all customer concerns.

We regret to hear that your experience is not meeting your expectations. We know that your time is valuable, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to start working on a resolution.

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I couldn't be more frustrated and disappointed with this company. Why does this process have to suck SO BAD??

I order the floor and am promised an immediate instal even after asking, "Are you sure you have the product?" My salesperson is confident that they have it and there have been no issues ever. Day one instal comes and they are great. Meets my expectations. Day two of instal (another day at home away from work) no call, no show.

I have to call them, several hours after they are scheduled to arrive. They say sorry, we don't have the product, we never did and instal is not happening today. It will take two weeks for the product to arrive. When did they know this information?

Why didn't they share that with me? They say I could pick out another product that they have in stock. Does their sales rep not know what is in stock? Why not?

Is he lying for a sale? But I can't pickout another product because half of it is already installed! I'm totally stuck. They say, we just need two weeks for the product to arrive, then we can instal.

The day comes. Installers come. They say they want more money. I say I am not giving them more money.

They say they can't install the product because of my stairs. Issues with code with this type of product. Why did you let me order this type of product if it can't be used on the stairs? Salesperson says he's installed this product hundreds of times without issue.

Why didn't they check to make sure before the promises? Why doesn't their sales person know this? Sales person comes back to my house with new samples to pick a new one that will work. We'll start all over with new product.

We schedule a new date. I stay at home again, no call, no show again during scheduled time. I call them. "You were next on my list to call this morning." Right!

I ask, "Where are the installers? They say, no, not today. There was a problem with product. No one is coming today.

When did they know this? Just COMMUNICATE and be transparent with the customer if issues arrive. I have been patient, kind and understanding of issues. But they are not with me!

This does not make any sense at all and it feels like they are purposely not finishing their job. Why are they doing this to their customers? Just got another call. We will have the product on Saturday.

Do you want it installed? YES. Who thinks they are lying to me today again? During all of this, I have asked customer service to let me speak to their manager at least five times.

She has never once returned the call and is blowing me off. After all my calls with the sales person, customer service staff, install manager, installers - none of them have their story straight, are able to address my questions on how they operate or just simply install the floors as contracted and promised. On that Saturday, three installers show up, look at the project and say, I'm sorry we can't instal, don't have the right product and they are not surprised that Empire did this.

Doo more dates for install were scheduled and cancelled. I have project in limbo with no end insite.

User's recommendation: Do not use this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring Installation.

Preferred solution: Deliver product and price reduction.

Empire Today Cons: Horrible customer service.

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