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We apologize if you felt you did not have a positive experience while working as an independent contractor. While we strive to create a positive atmosphere for all our contractors, misunderstandings can occur and we are happy to help address and resolve this issue. We have attempted to reach out to you via email regarding this issue. Please contact Erica Sanchez at 847-583-3007 or email to discuss your concerns further. Thank you.
New York, New York

I signed up to selll for Empire Today in Feb 2010. I had a short training course and was "in the field" selling in a couple weeks. Support of the independent contractors selling for them is pitiful.

They assign many leads in NYC. If you work in the City they may promise to pay parking expense but do it only spottily and grudgingly. I submitted 3 months of expenses where I didn't get paid because I didn't supply all the info they wanted. They didn't inform me of the problem and neverf returned the incorrect expense claims so I could resubmit.

I worked very hard, sold a lot of carpet and floors, got paid pitifully little. Eventually (Jan 2011) they deactivated my ID, so I was fired, although I was an "independent agent". I returned the samples and am owed money for them. Still waiting.

Given the small size of apartments in NYC you really cannot make the company goals working there. They fire virtually everyone who works in NYC, particularly Manhattan. I was frequently promised leads in other areas (So I could make the goals and keep the job) but these promises were not kept.

My advice, avoid the headache and stay away from these guys.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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