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My review would not allow me to post the pics. I took these pics of some of the issues with our Hardwood floors that were installed a couple months ago.

They filled gaps with putty and nailed too far away from the wall that even $300 thicker molding won't cover. Unless we purchase more expensive custom molding we will have to find a way to hide their mistakes. We have an area behind our television that is a complete mess which I did voice my concerns while the installers were here and they said all the floor would have to be ripped up and redone if they were to fix it...It truly looks hideous and has to be hidden with an additional trim piece that does not match the rest of the room. The whole purpose of having this work done was to get rid of all the carpeting hoping to improve our child's health but instead we have a feeling of disappointment.

I've included only 6 pics that shows a small amount of the issues because space was limited on here. The pic with the cable cord had to have the additional trim because the molding alone shows how bad it really is.

My son is a carpenter and could not believe that they left a 1/2" gap. Such a waste of $10,000 spent apparently we did not spend enough to be treated better :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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