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On behalf of Empire Today, I apologize for your experience. Empire takes the feedback from its customers very seriously. There are many factors that determine our fully installed price estimate such as the products selected, padding, sales or promotions, floor preparation, square footage of the area, moving of furniture, etc. Plus, Empire will honor any price estimate for 30-days. We also call to confirm the time of your installation appointment to be sure that you are able to be home when our installers arrive. In some cases, a home's current flooring may require attention or repairs to be performed before the installation of our product can take place. Our professional installers address floor preparation at the time of installation as they are best equipped with the knowledge on how to prepare the subfloor. At any stage of the installation process, we're here to help and answer any of your questions. It's important you are fully informed, from estimate to installation completion, to ensure you’re satisfied with the end result. Finally, all Empire installations are professionally finished with coordinating moldings. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. If possible, I would like if you could contact a member of our team to discuss your concerns so we can provide you a resolution. Please feel free to email us at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Los Angeles, California

Last week I had a salesman come to my home and show me samples of flooring. The whole deal had to take place in two days.

I told him I wanted to wait until this week for installation but he said the sale price would be gone. I asked about having a small area of tile taken out but he said that it would be fine with the flooring. I disagreed but he didn't listen to anything I said. I told him we couldn't be home before noon on Friday and he said that was fine.

After we got all the paperwork done, he told me that he forgot to add on a $298.oo charge and he was going to be in trouble with his manager, so I let him add it on. He said the baseboard would be replaced with some half-round molding. Friday came and I got a call at 9:00 from the installers - they were at my house. They could not wait until noon so I had to leave work and come home to let them in, They insisted the tile had to come out and I had to pay an extra $100 for that.

They finished at 9:30 P.M. The baseboard was still on and the half round molding was nailed to it. It looked awful. I called the salesman that night and the installer spoke with him.

I have called and e-mailed Empire Today everyday since then and I get no response from anyone. Do not use this company - they are not interested in making the customer happy.

I wish i had never called them. I am sick every time I look at my horrible floor and when I think of all the money I wasted on this floor, especially since I will have to go somewhere else to have it done right.

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Hey, I'm currently an employee and I have to say that I'm sorry for you folks who had a bad experience but really, Empire is a great company. What happened to you folks is unfortunate and a misrepresentation of the company.

yes, you had an UN-honest sales contractor enter your home and yes, they tried to charge you more then what they should...BUT THAT WAS THE SALES CONTRACTOR!!!!! NOT EMPIRE!!!Us contractors work WITH empire. Not FOR them. therefore the contractor can charge whatever he or she wants.

That's not what empire is about. i can tell you that this could happen anywhere.Ex, everybody loves the restaurant Denny's. if you go to eat out at Denny's and you love it, but then you get ONE sever that is rude to you and provides bad service and over charges ur bill etc.. are you never gonna eat at Denny's again???

of course you are. Because you now that all in all its a good place to eat and a good company! you don't hate Denny's because you had ONE bad server.I'm always honest and sell at competitive rates. Are biggest competition is Home Depot and lowe's...

how do you think a 50 year old nation wide company is a rip off when there prices are pretty close to some of the biggest home improvement chains out there in the U.S? I always have happy customers and plenty of return business and referrals. SO PLEASE, its not empire, Its the Sales Contractor ruining our reputation.

Just like there's good cops and bad cops, there's good contractors and bad ones. thanks for reading.


empire today is a scam of all scams and thier lousy prouducts from al capone land where they are from :sigh :sigh :sigh :cry :cry :cry :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset


Hey man I sorry you got taken by this company I am a former employee and this is normal practice for them. In the future steer clear of them.

But when you call back in to speak to someone they prob wont be cordial or happy to speak to you. It's very sad to say but you may get your floors fixed by them :( gl