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Dear customer, this is not the experience that we wish for our customers. We’ll be contacting you on Monday to rectify this matter.

I saw advertisements on the TV about how well this company installs with no problems at all clearly however this was not the case for me I made my selections my home but they dont give you any kind of picture of what you bought and it was a long time between the purchase and the installation so I thought this was odd. However this was during the pandemic so you have to make allowances but it was like pulling teeth to get them to come out and do the work that they have been hired to do and paid in full for their services.

The installers arrived at my home with no masks and proceeded upstairs to lay the floor in a small bathroom. They came ill prepared to do the work I still only have 2/3 of a floor in my small bathroom because they didnt have enough tile to lay down when they came however this room had been measured how is it possible that if it was measured they didnt bring enough product to finish the floor. So they called me upstairs to see the tile that they had laid on the floor and I discovered that there was not enough tile to complete the job this didnt seem to faze them at all they said that the warehouse had possibly made a mistake however they had measured this room when they first come here if you measure a room should they not have come with the right amount of tile to lay on the floor. So I went back upstairs to check on the job and they ripped up the floor that they had laid down and put some thing on the floor that is absolutely ugly and even there wasnt enough tile to complete this job and presently my toilet resides in my bathtub.

So I went to the master bathroom to see how that was going and I had instructed the installer to please let me see the floor before he started laying the tiles that didnt happen when I got there he had laid the perimeter to cover any water damage that is there and when I arrived and saw what he was doing I told him that I didnt like the way he was laying it down. He felt insulted at my request I thought this was my house my floor and my money apparently this didnt make any difference to Empire Today in the office their interest lies in money not in service so after the frustration of this hours of failure on their part I asked them to the My Home the man that was installing the master bath when they went in there and picked up all the tiles ran out made a call in Spanish to his boss so I could understand a word he was saying . I repeatedly called the district manager about this problem and to my surprise I got a call from the person who runs the distribution center in Norfolk who was so rude I wont even begin to tell you what he said. I continued calling Empire Today to get this problem resolved and I was just put off lip service.

I continually called Empire today to reschedule the service and to my surprise one morning at 8:00 AM they were pounding on my front door no notice theyre coming really. After all this happened I called Empire Today and they said they were too many issues that they would not fix the problems that they created that they were going to take my money and just leave me with no toilet no floors in my master bathroom and in the small bathroom. I tried to call the corporate offices of Empire today but you cant reach them because unless you have a mailbox number you cannot talk to anybody thats in authority.

They provided poor service they were not honest and they just took my money and ran. If you want the job done right do not use Empire today they take your money and run.

User's recommendation: Don’t use Empire Today.

Location: Smithfield, Virginia

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