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Geoff, thank you for making us aware of your concerns, we regret that you were inconvenienced by the delay with your installation. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we understand that we’ve spoken to you about your concerns and rescheduled your installation for next week. If you have any questions, please contact us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Raleigh, North Carolina

Update by user Nov 07, 2012

They did it again. After resolving the original issue, thought everything was fine.

They installed vinyl tile in three rooms, and after a few months, one of the bathrooms had tiles that were starting to peel away from the glue. Called and got someone out to the house within a day or two, and again, thought everything would be taked care of. Waited a couple weeks to schedule a repair, only to find out when the installation team came out, that they were not able to repair it, and would have to take up the whole floor and replace the sub floor. So again, scheduled another day (today) for the replacement.

Around 10 am, i had not heard from anybody, so I called the 800, only to find out that I had been scheduled, but no one was assigned to the job.

Spoke with the local installation manager, and have to reschedule because he didn\'t have anyone available! I just want this taken care of so I can never have to deal with them again!

Original review posted by user Mar 21, 2012

Called and had a sales rep from Empire Today come to my house last week. Agreed on price and materials, and set installation for today(a full week from first appointment), when I was told that next day installation was possible.

Installation team waited until 8:30 am this morning to call and cancel installation for today due to the fact that they were "overwhelmed". I had already prepared for their arrival- all furniture was moved, the area was cleaned up for them, and had crawled under the house and disconnected water line to refriegerator. They didn't even have the common courtesy to call the day before, when obviously they were aware of the situation before this morning.

Now i can not get anyone to call me or even email me. Terribly unprofessional and rude.

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