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Dear Sharon,
We are disappointed to hear that you were inconvenienced by a missed sales appointment. We understand that time has passed since your experience, for future questions or concerns please contact us at
Thank you.
Richmond, Virginia

Scheduled appointment 1 week in advance. They gave me a 9am - 11am.

They called at 10:00 and cancelled the appointment. I hate sitting around and waiting for someone to show up. Called them back, and asked them if there was another sales rep who wanted to make some money today. She said no, all of the sales reps were schedule on other appointments.

I said OK, I'll take my business to Lowe's. She said OK, and hung up.

Take my advice and don't waste your time. I have better things to do on a saturday then sit around and wait for someone that isn't going to show up.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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