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Dear Jill,
We are happy to know that we have addressed your above concerns. If you continue to have questions please don't hesitate to contact us at
Thank you.

I wanted to order a rug for my staircase called Empire Today, (that was my first mistake); A salesmen came over measured thenI picked out my rug...simple enough right? Wrong!

The first time I had an appointment they cancelled due to weather. Second time it was re scheduled for latter that week. Empire showed up, however, due to the salesmen measuring blunder the carper was too small. That's two separate days of taking off from work for no reason.

I called customer service pissed off just like anyone else would after loosing two days of time from work. They assured me it would be rectified. So for the third time I make arrangements at work to be there for the carpet. I'm waiting at home I get a call from customer service cancelling the installation because the product I ordered is out of stock.

Are you for real! NOW I'm livid I call customer service they act like it's no big deal why I should be upset? really? Do these people lack apathy?

I wasn't satisfied with their answer so I decided to go right to the top and contact the CEO of Empire Today. I explained my situation to his secretary she contacted the district manager Evan. We spoke, she said it will be taken care of and the rug will be installed on the next day. Well guess what happens next?

No it didn't get installed I was cancelled on again. Called Evan again told her what happened I even explained to her I would take a shade lighter or darker if they didn't have my exact color. Then I once again called the CEO secretary and informed her on the same information I told the district manager. Today 12/9/16, I was supposed to get my carpet installed, I was told by the CEO secretary after 4pm.

The installer arrives around 7pm, ok at least he's here and my rug is going to get installed. Wait..... what's that the installer tells me.... they sent him out with the same rug that was too short!

Can you believe after going through all the channels from customer service to upper management all the way to the CEO's secretary the same problem still exists. To add insult to injury I was reading the invoice for the measurements and I read on the top "threat customer" lol...

Is that because I called customer service livid stating that I will contact every media outlet and blogger to warn people of how horrible your service is? That's not a threat it's a promise!

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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can you post the number for the CEO, I am dealing with the same HORRIBLE customer service, and they have cancelled twice on me this week, with none other than lame excuses, disorganization, unreliable employees, disappearing salesman, and zero apathy. Their advertising is the opposite portrayal of what they deliver!

I am still waiting for a call back after having taken 2 days off work with no carpet installed yet, and spent 75 minutes on the phone TODAY with NO INSTALLATION and now not even one scheduled!

I believe they will be redeeming their "installed by Christmas or its free" promise with me before this is over!



Dear Customer,

We sincerely regret to hear about the events that occurred throughout your experience. We assure you that we never want our customers to feel this way.

We want to follow up with you to learn more, but unfortunately are unable to locate your account with the information given.

Please email your concerns to and mention "PC Posting" the in subject line.

Thank you.


Just like everything else "Lies"