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Bret, we apologize you were not happy during your sales appointment and the inconvenience you experienced in cancelling your order, especially so near the holidays. Your satisfaction is important to us. A member of our National Customer Service Management Team will be following back with you to discuss your concerns. If you have any other questions or concerns before this time, please feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
New Richmond, Wisconsin

We had the empire people come out and they gave us a look for what it would cost to carpet our basement and 2 stairways. We were quoted 960 sq feet and the price would be 8500 bucks... but wait you get 2 rooms free. So that drops it to only 5700 dollars. That was still more than we were willing to spend and we were asked what it would take to get us to say yes to them. Well we hadn't done that much research into the other carpet suppliers so we had no idea. He asked how about 4000 dollars and we thought that was still a lot of money but he had taken so much off so we signed up after being assured we could cancel within 3 days. We then went to the carpet store in my hometown and they came out and measured the same area to be carpeted and they came up with just over 820 sq feet of carpet needed and they came it at 3000 dollars. So Less carpet charged for and 1000 dollars less without dropping their price or offering any deals. We called and canceled with the empire salesman and he said if we could get it in writing that we could get it for 3000 he could match it. We declined thinking if they could go that low and they were jacking up the price that much that isn't a business we wanted to work with.

Not sure if he would really put through the cancel order we called the company direct to make sure we wouldn't get charges with our credit card. After being on hold for several minutes (which I know can easily happen so fault there) I got to the cancel person and then was cut off and lost the call. I then called right back and got a different person who stated that looking at my account we were trying to cancel that the salesman missed a 1000 thousand manufacturers rebate and that it would only cost 3000 dollars. Well I wasn't impressed still so I said no thank you and canceled our order and he was quite polite.

3 days later now that 4000 dollar charge has gone through on our credit card after we were told that it was all canceled and to make matters worse we paid for the other carpet already which has already been installed so now our credit card is well over its limit with our other holiday shopping and I have never been more annoyed with a company. We use our credit card for all our major purchases and everything else to keep a handle on our spending situation. With black friday coming up in 3 days I don't think we will have the means to buy the products that we want or to buy diapers for that matter, unless we write a check or bring cash..both of which are things I try to avoid. So be ware of the contract and I would check other locations before you end up in a situation like we are now in. I have the cancelation number and will be calling the company again tomorrow to see if they will resolve this situation.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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