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As a member of the Customer Service Management Team for Empire, I apologize for your experience with the process of your Empire Today window treatment order and the misinformation you were provided during your in-home appointment. We know that making improvements to your home is an important and big decision and our goal is to make it hassle-free and provide you with the highest level of service. I would like to have the opportunity to speak with you so we can follow back and address the situation with the sales representative involved. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. I would like if you could contact me so we can provide you a resolution. Please feel free to email us at or call me directly at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
Seattle, Washington
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My wife called Empire Today to have blinds installed in our home in Queen Anne, Seattle, before Christmas. A sales guy came to the house, and after showing us samples of what we could put on our windows (and we were told more than once the fabric we chose "was no longer available") and a great deal of our time going over everything, we ordered the blinds.

The next day, the same guy came back to the house; we had to re-order EVERYTHING due to the fact that the catalogue he showed us was "old" and no longer valid! So, the whole process begins yet again...and he leaves. Then, 2 days later, we receive a call that the blinds we ordered for our bedroom "would take a minimum of 3 weeks" and would in fact not be ready by Christmas, and could he come back and have us pick a different fabric yet again!! So, we just cancelled the order for the bedroom.

Later that week, the installers came, and actually did a good job putting up the few blinds we did manage to get. Therefore, we decided to go with the same blinds for the remaining windows in order to insure they would all be up by Christmas. Well, you guessed it; only 3 blinds came in, and the remainder would NOT be ready by Christmas, and in fact, someone from Empire Today forgot to put the order in!

No compensation offered for very expensive blinds that I would never order from Empire Today ever again.

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Hey its good to hear the consumers finally saying this, do not do business with Empire Today!

Only 30.... Yes 30% of the jobs are installed correctly and the customer is happy..

And just the last "side note" - I was thinking the other day about Empire Today and how money can corrupt a good business it's a shame. Steer Clear Peace & Gl All