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John, we understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for your experience. We'll be in touch with you shortly to start working on a resolution.
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My HORRIBLE experience with Empire Today:

Empires installers arrived and took up the old carpet and old pad and then laid the new pat directly on the sub-floor over the existing old pad staples, old pad pieces stuck to the staples, existing dirt, junk, etc. Did not even attempt to clean the floor.

There was no broom or vacuum in sight.

So I got my vacuum out and at least tried to clean up all the junk around the existing tack strip and under the baseboard at the the edge of the padding so that they were at least not attaching the new carpet over junk at the tack strip areas. I complained about this to my sales person and the following day they actually vacuumed and clean the one remaining room.

An 8 long sub-floor joint in one doorway was not even. I asked Empires installers if they were going to use some floor patch to even the joint out so that I wouldnt feel it under the carpet.They said no they would not. So I went and got some of my drywall patch and troweled it on the floor.

About a 5 minute process that they refused to do. No telling where else the floor needed some minor patch that may have been covered up with the new pad before I could see it.

They also ran out of the padding I had bought and on parts of my floor they used some other padding they had with them. They also did not have enough carpet and had to return the next day with the appropriate amount.

There seems to be more carpet seams than there should have been. At one spot they put in two seams only 4 apart (at the doorway).

And seams down the hallway seem to be only 3 to 4 apart. Some of the seams are visible.

Within minutes of the installers leaving I noticed that they did not leave me any pieces from the carpet waste, which I wanted for future minor repairs and for warranty purposes (note that EMPIRES WARRANTY requires that I have some uninstalled carpet for future repairs and claims). I called the home office immediately to have them call the installers and have them come back (they were only minutes away) - no help. I then asked Empire if they could at least give the installers my phone number so the installers could call me and I would drive to them - no help.

I then called my sales person - no help.

Later that same day I offered to pay the shipping cost to have Empire ship a piece of my waste carpet to me - no help. I then asked if I could just BUY a 4x6 piece of carpet and have them ship it to me. They told me that they do not sell carpet without installation, so I told them to add installation to the cost. Empire then told me that they have a minimum $500 order.

So I would have to pay them $500 to get a small piece of my waste carpet in order to meet their warranty and for minor repairs. Carpet waste that was originally here.

I then noticed that my rooms were not heating up right. Guess what - the installers installed the carpet right over the floor heating register openings. So I had to remove the register covers and cut the carpet back.

I then emailed Empires home office about some of my concerns.

They responded to my email in that they would get back to me in 1 to 3 days - Its been 4 weeks - no one has gotten back to me. I emailed them again over a week ago (with a copy of this review) - again no response.

So I listed this review.

Note: From Empire Ones Warranty:

Please keep a copy of this warranty along with the following important documents and resources: - Copy of the sample label or sample information - A 2 x 2 uninstalled sample of your carpet - Padding information - Installers name and certification information

This documentation will provide critical information needed in the unlikely event of a claim. The uninstalled sample is recommended in case a repair or testing during a claim becomes necessary.

I have none of this from Empire and they refuse to work with me on getting a small piece of my carpet unless I pay them $500 (for a piece of my carpet waste.

User's recommendation: Don't use.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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