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Shingle Springs, California

We bought a new house and needed to change floors in it before we could move in, so we were in a hurry to get this done and decided to go with this BS of a company. Outside of "Never Do Any Business With Them" advice, if you do decide to move forward for whatever silly reason like ours: First of all, do not believe anything their sales people telling you. Have them put everything in writing with all managers names and numbers of Sales and Installation. Call managers right then to assure those numbers are correct, and ask them to confirm the words sales people had given you about the installation times. If they can't or hesitate with ifs and thens, then simply don't go any further.

Secondly, ask them to keep a sample of what they have shown you that you liked and tell them that you will return it once the job is complete. What they show you and what you will have installed may be two vastly different in quality things (in similar appearance though).

Their initial prices need to be cut 4 times to be realistic. They have charged us $9990 for 1400sf laminate that costs 0.49/sf.

Lastly, do not pay them upfront, wait until the job is complete to your satisfaction (seriously doubt it), and use it as a negotiation tool to do things right for the right price!

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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