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Thank you for making us aware of your concerns, Jennifer.

Because we are a full-service company, our pricing is all inclusive and covers product costs, installation labor, and any additional requested services. The promotion applies to the product cost only of select styles. We regret that our pricing did not meet your expectations, and we have been attempting to contact you to discuss your concerns. We would be happy to discuss our pricing and answer any other questions you may have. If you're interested in speaking with us, please contact us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or

Thank you.
Rebekah Clerk,
National Customer Service Manager

So, in response to their current ad, I called and scheduled an in home consultation. I had them out previously but the price was too high so, considering the new promotion, I figured it had to be lower right?

So wrong. So, the man comes, states our sq.ft. is about 180 less than the previous salesman that came out from another company a few days prior. (I am comparison shopping).

In any event, Empire, with the promotion was offering a high density 8mm laminate and wanted me to pay near $7000, including the promotion of $99 a room (that is for the laminate product only). I only have 4 rooms, so basically, they were charging $6600 for padding, and edging materials along with installation. Do the math, that puts installation at about $5-5.20/sq.ft. However, when they previously came out about 1 year ago, it was only going to be $2.50 a sq.ft.

When I confronted the sales man about this, his answer was "well it is what it is." Then tried to discredit the saleman who was just here previously (from the other company), who was offering 12mm laminate w/installation for a total of $3800, same high quality, product. I researched both laminates online, the one offered by the other company, was of better quality than the one offered by Empire. I asked the sales associate, when not on promotion what was the price of their 8mm they were trying to sell me. He said around $7.50 a sq.ft and said without the promotion, it would cost around $14,000 to floor my house.

We are talking 880 sq.ft. here people. The other 1300 sq.ft. of my house is in wet areas and already has tile.

This promotion is a scam. Either way, you are paying them the full cost, either in the installation or the product. They were a total waste of time, and they try and tell you they have the best products in the business. While good, they are not the best, and certainly not $14,000 good.

I was disgusted at the prices they were quoting. I had the estimate with me from the other company, they completely discredited it trying to find flaws in how their competitors product would break, not be installed correctly etc. I have done my research on correct installation. The manner in which the install would have been performed with the other company was the professional way, Empire,cutting corners of course.

In any event, I am pissed because, clearly they are okay with taking advantage of people. Also, a side note, last year when Empire came out, I was told the best price they could offer for the same job was $4800, which I could not afford and turned the job down. Two weeks later, Empire called and said, they could reduce the price and do the full job for $3500. (wait, I thought you already gave your bottom line, best price).

Empire, be honest, don't *** people around. This economy sucks and everyone is trying to make a living and still be able to make their houses look nice. If you treat your customers with respect, don't anticipate they are complete *** and offer competitive not obscene prices, you might have more customers come your way. But don't BS around and don't treat me like I am ***.

Laminate, 8mm, I do not care how dense and what kind of finish it has on it is just not $7+ a sq.ft. Come-on, really!They had my previous information, they knew what they were able to offer before so why is it that this time, with this supposed amazing promotion then, is it that the price was double what they told me a year ago. Sorry guys, product costs and labor have not increased that much.Disgusted that I was treated as though I was a ***, and the fact that the sales man could not provide real answers to any of my points of dispute or reason clearly shows that this is a TOTAL SCAM!

If you stand behind your work and product, you should be able to answer these simple questions. DON"T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY unless you feel like flushing money down the toilet!

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