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Incompetent installers and terrible customer service

I have read your detailed post from 2008 and although some time has passed, would like to truly apologize for you and your wife’s experience with our installation team and the inconvenience caused in your home by the installation itself. We know it must be frustrating for an installation team to arrive unprepared and to not have the job completed as expected. At Empire, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We realize some time has elapsed, but if you are still interested, we would like to hear more about you and your wife’s experience so we can better improve on satisfying you and our other customers in the future. If you are still willing to reach out to us, I can be reached at bmoscatello@empiretoday.com or via phone at 888-588-2315 ext. 5234. Bridget Moscatello – Vice President of Customer Care.
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I went to the Empire Today website and was impressed by their customer service awards and next day installation at competitive prices. I called them out for an estimate and the sales rep talked on and on about how their installers are experienced and they work for 100% customer satisfaction.

We hired them to install laminate flooring in the entryway, kitchen, and two bathrooms. When the installers arrived, they didn't have the tools or materials needed to do the work. The head of the crew went back to HQ to get the supplies; meanwhile the rest of the crew began tearing up the old flooring using my tools without my permission. They used my putty knives and screwdrivers in a fashion they were not designed for. When I noticed this, I asked them why they were using my tools and not their own, and they told me they were working on wood floor yesterday and didn't have the tools they needed, which didn't make any sense. A few hours later when the head person came back, I asked if I would be reimbursed for my tools, and she said yes.

The project was supposed to be done at 6:00pm on the first day, but they weren't even half done so they came back the next day to finish. I wanted them to finish on the first day because I wanted to inspect the finished work before they left, but since they had to come back a second day, I had my wife watch them. When I got back from work it was about 11:00 pm and I was tired. I asked my wife how it went and she said fine, but pointed out a few notes they left me. For starters, they didn't finish the borders on the flooring because the carpet installers (who we were getting through Home Depot) could roll the carpet to the edge. This seemed fishy since Empire Today's laminate flooring isn't glued to the floor. Without the borders what would hold the tile in place? Next they told her that we could caulk our own floor because in their opinion the grey caulk provided didn't look good and brown caulk would look better.

They were also supposed to reinstall the toilets but told my wife she'd have to go buy the wax gaskets herself. The water supply line to the icemaker in the fridge wasn't hooked up because "it wouldn't fit", the cabinet in the kitchen wasn't reattached to the wall, there were holes in the walls in the bathrooms, and the trim that they put up didn't line up at all. The list of problems goes on and on.

They were supposed to come out the next day to reinstall the toilets, and I figured I'd point out all their mistakes when they came back. Problem is, they never showed up. We waited all day in an empty condo (we are waiting for all the remodeling to be done before we move in) with no toilets and no running water, and we called them repeatedly and they assured us they were on their way, but they never showed up. As evening approached we called Empire Today's customer service and told them what had happened and they said they could send someone out on Monday, four days from the call.

We've waited patiently and now Monday has arrived and the manager who is supposed to come by hasn't shown up and when I called they said he's not in his office. I asked for his cell number, and they said they can't give out that information.

This whole situation has been a huge headache, and I'm so pissed now that it's going to take a lot for them to make it up to me. If you're thinking of getting any flooring or window treatments done in your house, don't use Empire Today. They will treat you like a piece of ***.


I can relate to your frustration. It is so annoying indeed. How can there still be people out there with such incompetence? It baffles me :x

But, the good news is that I came across a really great website the other day: it is called hellopeter.com

Hellopeter.com is an amazing website dedicated to customer service. Customers, like yourself, can write a report on the site for free and about any company, and then the company responsible will have the opportunity to respond - they usually do respond because it is more embarrassing for them not to.

Trust me, try it out.




Would someone supply me with an address of Empire Today, LCC. I have been trying to send a certified letter to them about not honoring a warranty.

I just thought it would be only fair to send them the same letter that I sent to the BBB, Texas Attorney General, Fair Trade Commission and The Texas Board of Realitors. I would at least like to give them the chance to rectifly the complaint before I take further action.


Ask the installers for their proof of citizenship.


To the people commenting that I'm just some miserable guy looking to complain about anything, that's just rediculous. I am a very happy person and I don't complain about much.

On the rare occasion that I do complain, it takes something major that I think warrants complaint. I actually came to this website because I made a call to Empire and they said they'd get right back to me. We were in the middle of moving into our new townhouse and there was nothing but a telephone and a computer in the place. So after waiting 2 hours for them to call back, I started surfing the internet and searched Empire.

I found this site and decided with the free time I had while I was waiting for Empire to eventually get back to me, I would write this. In the end, they never did call me back, and I had to make 5 calls to eventually get in contact with the manager who said he would come out but never did. It took them 2 months to come out and fix the floors and reimburse us for the damages. And the "New" installers who Empire assured us were more compitent wound up tearing a corner of the new carpet and we had to have our brand new carpet replaiced.

Seriously, I have never in my life seen such lousy, incompitent service.

If you've had better luck with Empire, that's great. But that doesn't make my experience not true.


Well in response to this post, I can state not all cases are this bad, Empire Today has the best Customer Service Reps Around.


I guess misery really does love company. It's like all of the negative folks at work getting together to talk garbage and unfounded gossip about other people. Positive people are typically too busy to bother with such things and have better things to do with their time rather than complain.

These type of negative people are always looking for troubles, problems, and conflict to talk and complain about. And the funny thing is they always seem to find/attract it without exception!

How and Why I came across this blog is odd as I wasn't really looking for it. But felt I really needed to share my experiance.

I am very busy saw the commercial so I thought I'd call. A very professional knowledgable individual came to my home. He explained everything to my satisfaction and we discussed their low pricing guarntee and great financing. So we went ahead with the transaction. Their carpet installers showed up the next day. They were quick and did great work. No Complaints!!

An extremely please and satisfied customer. I recommend Empire to everyone with no complaints.

I only wish more of the people with great experiances would share their experiance. I'm sure they would out weigh the negative 100 to 1.


Why don't you try their service and see for yourself, Ronald Scott. Even if they did have a response, it'll be of excuses and reasons to cover their ***.

Why would people go out of their way to write such a long story on the their experience with bad service if it really didn't happen. Who in their right mind would waste time to bring a company down? *** people.

*** Empire Today!! I've used their services and got the exact same unprofessional treatment.


:grin This reminds me of the house cleaning people I tried out one day. They wanted to use 'my' cleaners.

And the dust broom for ceiling webs got tapped into my carpet! :cry It just boggles my mind how some people do their jobs. :? Im a nurse and Id like to know how people would feel if I use a wash cloth on their face that I had picked up off the floor!

Or how would you like to be in pain and call for your medicine and be told, "I'll look into that and get back to you". Then never show up! Come on people!! We all need each other in some form or another so just do what's right and do your best!

And remedy problems as quickly as possible.

And do it nicely or get a different job or take a vacation. :grin


Empire today sucks! They can write back all they want.


I didn't find any rebuttal from Empire. It's easy to slam someone when they can't comment back.

Unl;ike others, I don't make a decision by listening to only one side of the story. Where can I see Empire's remarks on this customer?

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Hard wood installation

Although some time has passed, I would like to apologize that you are not satisfied with your hardwood flooring. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we want to ensure you are happy with your products and installation. If you are experiencing problems that are covered by the manufacturer product and installation warranties, we are happy to work with you on a resolution I would still like the opportunity to discuss your experience with you and address any further concerns you may have with our company. If you are still interested, you can email me at gcielocha@empiretoday.com or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 ext. 3369. Gina Cielocha, Marketing & Communications Manager
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i will not purchase another thing from empire home carpet / hardwood flooring. we are having problems with this floor we has installed and they did send a adjuster out just to send me a letter we don't think there is a problem.

When I have floor boards popping slowly up on the $ 7,000 floor with a 25 year guarantee. The person that installed this floor said to use swiffer and i did and the adjuster for the company said we should not use this. I did tell him they told us to he said you can't win with a big company. So what I can do is let the public know not to deal with such people.

Try Luna maybe you can get treated better. and this is the second time i did business with empire and my last.they just want your $$ and tell you to get lost.

But keep in mind a 25 year guarantee. What bull sxxx.


you people need a course in flooring and hidden fees go ahead and use lowes are home depot above empire and youll be sorry.I personnaly used all of them and empire stands out from the rest by far in fact there all i use.I never had a more proffessional experience in my dealings with flooring products.although they werent always the least expensive they delivered a high quality product and installation was excellent.Do your research there the only flooring company that is rated aaa with the bbb then check lowes and home depot.empire all day all the way .......


Do not use this company. They do not stand behind their work or warranty.

They installed hardwood floors in my home at the cost of 5,600. The floors became totally dull. I called them about 15 times, and all they did was give me the run around. Someone finally came to my house after numerous calls looked at the floor and made his own decision to close my case without even informing me.

If you want to get ripped off by them this is the company to call. They should be put out of business!!!


Terrible product. The nice wood floors I was supposed to have have sections of finish that have flaked off in the last two years.

And that great 25 year warranty on the finish is worthless. I will never use Empire again.


I am a carpenter, in bus. 25yrs and one of my customers just had a wood floor laid in his home.

I have never seen such a lousy installation ever. They used duct tape to hold the boards together while the glue dried! Never saw a professional company use duct tape before. The glue seeped thru the joints it is yellow the floor is dark stained, really looks like ***.

They also must have gotten glue on fingers cause its all over the floor.

This is the most pitiful job I have ever seen!

I have instructed the homeowner to call empire back and have a sup come and look at installation and see if this is acceptable. If they don't fix it the next step will be to the MHIC in Maryland.


You can win no matter what the company size is, just have your facts & paper trail. My wife & I beat a global auto manufacturer through the BBB.

The car dealer also told us we couldn't win; we kicked *** & took names because we took emotion out of it & presented just the facts. Bottom line, always get it in writing; especially when they want to subcontract & then you need to get even more in writing. The BBB is your friend, but they don't like emotional, irrational or any non-professional attitudes or presentations.

Act like your giving your boss a quarterly state of business report & they'll give you more respect than the "BIG" company. Good Luck!


I, too, had a problem with my floor. It had worn where my computer chairs were. ( I had it installed in October 07 and it was worn by Mar 08) They just came out yesterday and replaced the entire floor.

Demand to speak with the home office. They will fix the problem. Also, file a complaint with the BBB on their site if you cannot get satisfaction.

The home office IS interested in satisfying customers. Also, note that the laminte floor warranty REQUIRES you to use "quick step" products. I had empire send me a starter kit (for nothing--home office, again). It took a little time, but the did honor their warranty. Keep on them. Also, you can alway file a American Arbtration Association (AAA) arbitration for your dispute (read your contract).

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