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Empire Today in Summerville, South Carolina - Empire Carpet

Chris, I truly apologize for your experience. It is always our goal to make the installation experience easy and convenient for our customers and I’m disappointed to hear that this wasn’t the case. It’s my understanding that we did speak with you yesterday to address your concerns and that your installation was completed. If there is anything else I can do for you now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to call me at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email me at Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Scheduled carpet install on Saturday July 2nd, holiday weekend. Family in town and we all waited for install before leaving for holiday weekend. That morning at 0747 I received a call from Felix, the installer that he would be at my house between 0800 and 0830 to begin the install. At 0845 when he had not yet arrived I called him back on his cell phone and he said "we were just there and knocked and rang your door bell for nearly twenty minutes, when nobody answered we left and cancelled the job and now are almost to Rockford, IL for our next job". Couple problems with this: 1. He never showed up, we were all home including our guest and if he was ringing the doorbell or knocking for twenty minutes as he said we would have heard him. He also never tried calling again to say "I am at your house"

2. The second issue is that he said "were almost to Rockford" which is over an hour and a half from my house, how did he get there in 15 minutes?

At that point I called the local office at 0854 and a female employee answered and placed me on hold. After being on hold for 17 minutes I called the same number from our house phone while still on hold on my cell. (At this point is when I started writing down names and notes since it was the first time I realized this was going to be a long process) Another employee named Dee answered and said "I didn't even know you were on hold". I explained the situation to her in regards to Felix. She assured me that if I was ok with it he would come back and be there between 3-6pm the same day. My family, although irritated about putting off our vacation even longer agreed and we waited. That evening at 5:52pm when the installer still didn't show up I now called the customer service number hoping someone could help me there. I spoke to a gentleman and he put me on hold while he contacted the installer. The installer told him that he was hung up on a job and couldn't be to my house until 9pm that evening and wouldn't finish until past 11pm. I explained to the customer service employee that was to late because we had children sleeping at that time and we had already wasted the whole day and pushed back our vacation plans. He asked if they set up an install for 8am the next morning if that would be acceptable? After checking with my family again, they agreed we would leave after the install and just miss one day of our vacation. He told me that it would be a different installer but he has the job in for 8am guaranteed and listed it as a priority job.

Now comes Sunday the 3rd. At 0730 I started working in our front yard just to be sure there could be no confusion this time on us "not being home". By 0917 still no installer so I called the customer service number again. The number was answered by a young lady who once again put me on hold while she contacted the comes the good part.....the installer answered her call and said "I don't even work today and was never notified of the job". The person on the customer service line actually sounded very shocked herself and could see on the notes for my account that he was scheduled to be there and that I was told the night prior. She said that she tried to contact the area manager on his personal cell phone but was only able to leave a message but she was sure he would call me that day to discuss. At this point I wanted to cancel the whole thing, we had wasted our entire holiday weekend and our family came into town and now wasted theirs. She asked if there was any chance to reschedule and for whatever reason I agreed and she put me down for after 4pm on Tuesday the 5th. Not to my surprise no manager ever called me the remaining of the weekend which we ended up just spending at home at this point.

Tuesday morning at 0818 I received a call from the installer saying he was almost to my house. I explained the situation again and told him I was scheduled for after 4pm because I was at work. He told "I don't think that will be possible and someone else will get back to you" At 0825, I called the customer service number again and spoke to Edgar. I explained everything again for the 10th time and Edgar was anything but helpful. At one point Edgar said " Do I need to remind you that it was a holiday weekend and these things happen"? When I explained that I was well aware it was a holiday weekend due to the fact of mine being totally ruined he began to try to talk over me by raising his voice. When I asked to speak to the manager he laughed and said "ya, hold on". Shortly after Andrew, stated he was the only manager on duty, answered my call and asked how he could help. Once again, explained the whole story and now also how rude Edgar was. I asked him why the installer is at my house now when we agreed on 4pm? He said he could see from the notes that they were scheduled to show up at 4pm and would make sure it happen. He also said he would leave a message for the area manager again to call me before the installer showed up this evening. I took time off from work to be home by 3pm. By 6PM guess what, no call from a manager and no show from the installer. Once again I called the customer service number and was answered by a gentleman named Garfield and again explained the whole story. Once again, put on hold while he contacted the installer. He attempted to call the installer 3 times and was unable to reach him or anyone at the local office. At this point I asked him for the contact information for someone at a higher level within Empire. He called and left a message with Ranisha Odom who works at the President's office and also provided me with the same contact information.

Today is Wed, July 6th and I have yet to receive any call from anyone at Empire or even a follow up to the fact that the install still hasn't happened.

This was my first exposure to Empire and will be my last. This has almost become an unbelievable story and is the best example of a template for horrible customer service I have ever seen. I have two neighbors that were putting in either new carpet or new flooring in the next month and both have decided they will not go to Empire after my experience. I plan on writing a letter to the BBB and the Corporate Offices of Empire

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Empire Today in Irvine, California - Empire Flooring does not honor discounts!

Kelly, I am sorry our pricing didn’t meet your expectations. We do try to work with each and every customer to make sure they’re happy with your experience. As a repeat customer, your satisfaction is very important to us and I understand that the local area manager spoke with you today and offered to install the product you chose at a discounted price. Once you’ve made your decision, or if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email me at I’m always happy to help. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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My husband and I recently had our upstairs carpeted by Empire Flooring. We were very happy with our experience. The carpet was an olefin berber, on the less expensive side, but this is what we wanted because we are on a tight budget.

Following installation, we received a $200.00 off of our next purchase through Empire via email, no restrictions listed.

Partly because of this discount, we called them back to have our basement flooring done. The same rep came out for the free home estimate, measured and then provided a quote on Vinyl Tile. For the 410 sq ft, he quoted us at $4500.00 which was out of our price range and a bit expensive. He then said he could do berber carpet for $1250.00 which included 450 sq ft. Since this wasn't our initial plan and we were a little worried about potential flooding (we just bought the house 2 months ago), we decided to hold off on making a decision.

Well, a little over a month goes by and we see a promo for 70% off select carpet and we decide that this would be a good time to do it if we are going to do it at all! So, we call and tell them that we would like to carpet the basement (410 sq ft) and the stairs (78 sq feet).

He comes to the house again and tells us that the carpet we want is part of the 70% off. YIPPEE!

So, based on the great deal they are running on the carpet, our $200.00 discount and the fact that our prior quote at 450 sq ft was $1250, you would think we would be thrilled to find out the price...NOPE!

After negotiating down $500.00 off of the price he first through out, we came to the number $1410.00. This included the 70% off and the $200.00 discount is only off of full priced items.

How? I mean, it sounds to me like we got no discount at all. If someone can do the math and make sense of how we got either or both of the formentioned deals, i would greatly appreciate it.

We ended up walking. We said we would pay no more than $1300.00 even though that was still higher than we thought it would be based on the discounts. He said he couldn't do that price.

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Empire Today I wasn't aware I needed to haggle to get a fair price. No invoice or written guarantee?

Pam, I’m disappointed to hear that your experience didn’t meet your expectations. I’m sorry for if our pricing and warranty information weren’t clearly communicated to you during your sales appointment and for the issues you’ve had with your product. We do offer a manufacturer and one year installation warranty on all of our products, certain conditions do apply. We want you to be happy with your new home and it’s my understanding that we attempted to reach out to you before the holiday to further discuss your concerns and so we could begin working on a resolution with you. If you could, please call me back at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email me at and we can begin finding a satisfying solution together. I look forward to speaking with you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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I'm dizzy from all the double talk from costumer service and so disappointed. Felt like I was in the twilight zone.

Actually felt like I was talking to my kids aka the wall. Do your homework first. Empire is not looking out for your best interest. Typical big business.

I would not use them again. I didn't realize I was suppose to haggle with them for a descent more reasonable price. Next day delivery enables you the three days to cancel your order if you felt you couldn't say no face to face or needed more time to let the transaction sink in. Now I'm stuck with "SUCKER" written on my forehead.

Poor Carpet with poor padding.

I never recieved an invoice or guarantee on the carpet. Maybe going to Mr Action with the local paper might help me.

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Empire Today in Yonkers, New York - Update: Failure to communicate and installation

William, I truly apologize for what happened. It’s always our goal to make the home improvement process as easy and convenient as possible for our customers and I’m disappointed to hear that this wasn’t the case. I understand a member of our team spoke with you today and that you were able to reach a satisfying resolution together. If you have any further questions or concerns, I’m always here to help. Please feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Update by user Jun 30, 2011

The matter has been resolved.

Original review posted by user Jun 29, 2011

I re-drove back to Pittsburgh from New York after being informed by my regional customer representative that my damaged carpet for porch steps was in. New installers arrived in an unmarked truck. I pointed out the risers of the steps not holding to the cement and the overhangs from the porch also not holding. I was immediately informed they were not going to fix the overhang problem. I had to call the customer service representatives and he hemmed and hawed. I explained this was not my mistake but Empire's for hiring incompetent installers. The men fixed the overhang at great protest and re-installed carpet on the steps. The job is now completed. The regional customer sales rep has still not called me two days after the job was complete to see if I am happy with the work.

It has cost me over $200 in gas, tolls, and food since this mis-managed

job began. I explained this to the customer service representative and there was a big silence at his end. I see all the complaints on this site have had responses from Empire Today - We Care, We want you to be happy, We are proud of our reputation. Platitudes that do not resolve problems but give the appearance that they are a caring company. Bottom line if Empire cared they would reimburse me for my expenses due to their incompetence. I urge all customers to get cards from the salesmen; license numbers and names of installers before they begin their work. To date I have no last name of the so called "caring" regional customer representative and no where on the paper work that I signed do I see that Empire subcontracts and no names to call. The system works by you calling an 800 number to Chicago. Chicago redirects to local market; you get call and/or email as to installation time.

Empire cares but does not do the work until they are paid up front. Buyer beware.

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Empire Today in Washington, District Of Columbia - Empire Carpet-poor customer service, inferior carpet

Ann, I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with your product and for any confusion about what’s covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s our goal to ensure you’re satisfied with the end results as we try to work with any customer that experiences problems. It is my understanding that an outside inspection was performed and that we’ve offered to work with you on a solution. A member of our customer service team will follow back with you shortly so we can begin working on a resolution together. Please feel free to email me at or call me at 888-583-3000 x4195 if you have any questions or concerns before this time. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Within approximately a year there were unusual markings on the carpet in several rooms. I called customer service and they sent a technician.

He said that these were what they called "water marks" and that the manufacturer would not consider this a defect so they probably wouldn't replace the carpet. However, he would turn in his report and someone would get back to me. That never happened. I had to run them down and got the same excuse that the technician had given me.

I called to speak to a supervisor and after several days was given the same excuse. Bottom line, I'm sorry they are having problems with the manufacturer but that shouldn't excuse their customer service to me, the customer.

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Empire Today-Deception, Poor Sales Tactics, Poor Customer Service

Kim, I truly apologize that you’ve been experiencing issues with your product. It’s my understanding that the local customer service manager reached out to you yesterday and we’re working with you to address your concerns. We want you to be satisfied and we’re looking forward to working on a resolution with you. We’ll be following back with you, but if you have any questions or concerns before this time, please feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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So an Empire Today salesman came out on 12/31/2010 with carpet and vinyl flooring samples. My husband and I chose a Mohawk carpet with a 15 year warranty mind you. (We have had Empire do our kitchen laminate previously, had issues, and they corrected the problem.) Our salesman assured us that we would get that "great Empire service for the warranty with the carpet just like we did with our laminate flooring if their were any issues..." We had our carpet installed on or about 1/8/2011. By April our carpeting looked like the 10 year old carpet that we just had torn out! When I called customer service, they forwarded my info. and complaint onto what I am guessing is a regional manager in the Illinois office. I missed this person, Kim's first call, and proceeded to call her back for approximately 5 days before she finally called me back.

When I finally spoke with her and expressed my issues, she told me that the warranty doesn't cover the way our carpet wears. I said this carpet isn't even 5 months old! She asked me if I used a vaccuum with a beater brush. I said yeah, I have a dyson and we vaccuum every other day if not every day! She said well maybe it needs to be cleaned. Mohawk states that their better carpet should ONLY have to be cleaned approximately every 12 to 18 months!! This hasn't even been in my house for 6 months yet!! So we did use a professional grade cleaning on it as suggested, and it still is beat down, pieces coming up and it looks like ***! I was told the only thing they would cover is a seem that we have that looks bad. I cancelled the appt. for the seem. Why am I gonna have the seem repaired if the carpet is still gonna look like ***!!!! The carpet has a rippling effect look to it no matter what, it is beat down, and we only have 4 people living in our house. We have dogs, but hello! Dogs don't run around constantly wearing down carpet! My 10 year old carpet that we had previously wore better than my now less than 6 month old carpet from Empire is wearing!

We believe our salesman played a bait and switch, as he didn't write what kind of carpet we were purchasing on our contract, he just wrote "carpet". It was supposed to be Mohawk Challice carpet with the best padding they offer, and have this great 15 year warranty that covers everything except negligence. We don't think that we got the carpet we ordered because this is *** carpet! We paid alot of money for our carpet, and basically Empire has told us, sorry you are out of luck.

Be sure to ask for a copy of the warranty to read before the salesman even leaves your home! He didn't offer it to us, and come to find out, they are supposed to! Mohawk states that their warranty explanation of whats covered should be on the back of each sample. Well it wasn't.

We feel that we have been COMPLETELY DECEIVED and now Empire doesn't want to fix their *** product.

My suggestion...DON'T USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS BEING INSTALLED!!! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THE CHALLICE SAMPLES BROUGHT BACK TO MY HOME BECAUSE I GUARANTEE, THAT IS NOT WHAT WAS INSTALLED! The salesmen work on commission, and the more expensive of a product that is chosen, the less they make in commission! If they can charge more and switch to a crappier product, they make more money, and you have no way of knowing what is being installed.....

We will never use Empire Today again, and will be sure to let everyone we know not to either! Kim

Angie, I'd like to follow back with you and offer our apologies for the issues you've experienced with your product. We do try to work with customers that express concerns as we want you to be happy with the finished results for years to come. It is my understanding...
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Empire Today Stinks

Carlene, I’m very sorry to hear about the issues you’ve experienced with your product. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us, which is why we work with customers that experience concerns with their product or installation. It’s my understanding we’ve reached out to you and were able to reach a resolution and that our service manager followed back with you today. If you have any questions or concerns, I would be happy to follow back with you directly. You can reach me via email at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Empire today is not returning calls and refusing the fix laminate floor buckling. We had them out to fix one area which we were told was the installers fault.

We agreed to put transitions in under the bedroom doors to save empire money and not having to redo the whole condo living room. We did not want this but were told that they would redo the kitchen buckling no matter what the issue was. They came, fixed the hallway and then told us they are not doing the kitchen due to high moisture readings. Never heard of such a thing.

We had a cabinet fixed under the sink and asked the guy if there is moisture and he said not at all.

We do not pour water on our floors so they are full of ***. Orlando from the NJ office is horrible...we are now filing a lawsuit.

Regina, I apologize that the product you selected didn't meet your expectations. I've been able to pull up your account and it's my understanding that we've offered to work with you on a resolution. As a company, we are committed to ethical business practices. We want...
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Empire Today - Failure to communicate and correct installation of outdoor carpet

William, I’ve read your post and apologize for the issues you’ve experienced with your installation and for the delay in scheduling. I understand that a member of our Customer Service team has followed back with you to update you on the schedule for your repair. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or contact me via phone at 888-588-2315 x4195. We’ll be sure to follow back with you afterward to make sure you repair is complete and to see how everything went. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Empire Today improperly installed outdoor carpet on my porch overhand and steps. The carpet did not adhere to cement.

In addition, a glob of glue was smeared into the carpet on the bottom step. Contacting the Regional office in Pittsburgh, Pa numerous times has resulted in no further communication, from them, on the progress of fixing the problem. Using Customer service on line forms and calling the 800 number has resulted in no action.

The problem has occurred two weeks ago and I have no idea of when they are going to get replacement carpet and when they are going to re-install. My frustration level is high because of the failure to receive adequate communication and satisfaction from the company representatives.