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Empire Today in Houston, Texas - Empire- Lousy service- lousy carpet

Wade, we’re sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been experiencing. We always want our customers to be satisfied with their entire experience and we’re disappointed when this is not the case. Customer service is our top priority and we make it a point to address any concerns that our customers may have. We’d like to speak to you more about this issue. Someone from our customer service team will be reaching out to you shortly to being working on a resolution. Please contact us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at if you have any questions. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Purchased new carpet for my bedroom in October. My wife passed away in August so it was time for a change.

Called Empire, had a salesman come out, told him EXACTLY what I wanted and when- said no problem. One piece for the bedroom and a 10 x 14 with the edge bounded for my living room (have a large wood floor area). Told that it would take them approximately 1 week to bind the edge- said no problem- bring both pieces at the same time and we will be good to go. Paid 1/2 that day, waited the week- install was to be on Saturday morning- it happened late in the afternoon- BUT all they could do was the bedroom- BECAUSE the salesman did not KNOW that the carpet for my living room was to be cut from the roll that was brought!

I had already waited one week for the carpet- based on the salesman, now I had to wait an additional week for the 10 x 14 for my living room- did I mention I moved ALL my furniture prior to their arrival- the night before! Well living room carpet finally arrives a week later- it is a 12 x 14 without the no slip pad - I get the cheap stuff that had to be taped together.

The carpet has 3 lumps in it- that do not come out even after being down for over a month. Empire sucks plain and simple- I still have 2 more rooms to do- but not by Empire.

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Empire Today has rude Customer Service

Laura, we apologize if you’ve had any difficulties contacting customer service. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and addressing any concerns our customers may have. We understand that we are currently in contact with you to resolve this issue and that an inspection is scheduled for this week. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have by email at or call us at 88-588-2315 x4195. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager.
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I am tired of talking to people from India and the Phillipines. They are rude and when I ask them to stop speaking and listen to me, they said stop interupting their 'pre-programmed' schpeel.

I have had to listen to it 3 times trying to get someone to come look at my carpet. What happened to hiring US citizens to do these jobs. All our jobs are being outsourced and even worst, we get non-citizens working the US jobs before US citizens. I have seen so many illegals working as well.

It is very sad for the US and it's citizens.

It has been 10 months since they put in the carpet. I called 3 days after installation and said it was 'shedding'. They said it was common with this carpet and it will stop in a few months.

Well it has been more than a few months and it is still 'shedding' and my runner looks horrible. The places that look bad are with the most traffic.

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Empire Today in San Bruno, California - False Advertisement

Lois, we apologize for any miscommunication regarding our promotion. It’s our understanding that we’ve been able to come to a resolution with you that you’re satisfied. If there is anything else we can do for you in the future, please feel free to email us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Update by user Jan 02, 2012

I Have to say their customer service is great, that being said I am still waiting for the installers to come and replace the molding between my livingroom & hall, they came out to my home & said they had to order it and they would be back the following week, that was over two weeks ago.

Original review posted by user Nov 30, 2011

I called Empire for a quote to get two rooms hardwood laminent & my hall & stairs carpeted. I was quoted a price and when my husband asked the salesperson if they still offered a promotion she stated "no that ended" When I saw the commercial two days later I called empire & customer service said to pay for the installation that day & I would get credited back. They said they would have a manager call me back within three days. After calling back several times (4) I finally spoke to Scott & he said the product I ordered wasn't offered at 60% off, (it's the same product in the commercial). He said he would get back to me, it's been over two weeks and several messages and no response. I guess I will have to dispute it with my credit card.

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Empire Today in Mahopac, New York - Empire Carpet does shoddy work

Maureen, we apologize for the issues you’ve experienced with your renovated basement. It’s always our goal for each and every customer to be satisfied with the end results in their home and it’s disappointing to hear that this isn’t the case. We are dedicated to working with any customer experiencing concerns and understand that we did speak with you and are working towards a resolution. If you have any further questions or concerns throughout this resolution process, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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I had Empire Today (Empire Carpet) install a new Berber carpet in my finished basement. They came 3 hours late to the install and worked until 8:30 at night.

I was not at home my my wife was busy with the kids when they finished. When I got home and inspected the job I found visible seams running the 24 foot length of my carpet another seam was visible accross the entrance and top of the stairs was not capped so it will easily pull up. In addition, my newly sheetrocked and painted walls had two holes in it from their knee kicker.

Customer Service is useless and does not call you back.

they do not care once they have you money. They do poor work and do not stand behind it - DO NOT USE THEM.

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Avoid Empire Today like the plague

Susan, we’re truly sorry for the inconvenience you experienced during your installation. It’s our understanding that we’ve been able to come to a resolution with you and that you’re happy with the outcome. If there is anything else we can do for you now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Salesman advised all furniture would be moved by installers and job completed in a day. The job involved 7 offices and reception area.

Made arrangements to have installers arrive at 7.30 am to ensure the job completed in one day. Two men arrived at 9:00 a.m. shocked to see they had to move furniture (even though it was in contract). Spent two hours trying to get more workers then another two hours going to pick up one more worker.

Needless to say, job not completed as promised. Customer service clearly could not have cared less. Jason Fowler, the installation coordinator, refused to take our calls and was unresponsive. To top it off, having arrived late and balked at moving furniture they demand full payment before they start work so you have no recourse.

They do this on purpose, obviously because otherwise no one would ever pay as they do not honor the terms of their contract. Totally frustrating experience - never again - be warned. Boils down to the fact that the salesmen sell you a bill of goods, make all kinds of promises but there is no communication between the salesman and the installation people.

Avoid this firm at all costs. Pay twice the price if you have to, but go anywhere else than Empire Today, they truly have absolutely no problem making promises they can't keep and then could care less if you complain.

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Empire Today in Bethesda, Maryland - Upset about the carpet

Sonya, we’re truly sorry for the issues you’ve had with your product. We always want our customers to be happy with how everything looks in their home and we’d like the opportunity to speak with you further so we may try to find a solution for you. It’s our understanding that we’ve attempted to reach out to you recently. If you could, please call us back at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email us at Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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I recently had carpet installed in my home aprox. 3 mths ago.

My mother in law warned me not to go with empire today because her carpet looks horrible after 1 yr. I decided to go ahead & go with them. What a mistake. My 2 yr old had a huge cut on the back of his foot from the tac nails sticking out of the carpet.

My carpet looks terrible after only 3 mths. Nothing has been spilled everyone *** there shoes before coming into my home. ITs matted all over not just in "high traffic" area's. We were sopose 2 get a 20yr warrantie..I called to asak them why there product was doing this so fast & she told me that it was normal???

She then explained to me that I have to pay out of my pocket for a professional carpet cleaner to come in * clean the carpet before they can do anything. but from the pictures I sent to her it looks "normal". Not only am I shocked that this is how they treat there customers. Im upset that I didnt listen to my mother in law & go with someone else.

The carpet looks terrible. VERY DISAPPOINTING

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Empire Today in Washington, District Of Columbia - Bait and Switch on advertised financing

George and Cindy, we apologize the financing terms haven’t met your expectations. All financing is done through an outside financing company. At the time of your appointment, an application was completed and signed that discloses all of the financing terms. It’s our understanding we’ve contacted you to help explain the financing terms. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Empire today lies! We were told by the salesperson that the promotion going on at the time of our purchase was no intrest no payments for 18 months.

They sold our contract to Wells Fargo and guess what??!!! We have to make payments or else pay intrest! Our salesperson was in a hurry to have us sign our paperwork so she described what we were signing and unfortunatly we did not read it until the bill came. We were m oving into the home at the time of her visit (she missed the first appointment) so things were quite hectic and we just wnated to get the floors done.

Don't buy into their promotions!! You can do just as well if not better with a local reputable company

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Empire Today Cheats thier employees!!

We’ve read your post and we’d be happy to address your concerns with our company more directly. Please contact our Human Resources department so that we may discuss further. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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I was one of the lead sales people for Empire out of thier Norwalk location. They stopped payment on my paycheck and I could not do anything about it since they had me sign a contract prior to my be hired stating I would agree to use an independant arbortrator in Chicago if ever thier were any pay issues.

The cost of doing this and the amout of $ they owed me (Approx $2500) it did not make sence to go to Chicago from California.

They also are a rip-off company that over charges thier customers for the same exact item you can buy elsewhere for at least 1/2 the cost you end up paying them. Please Beware!!!

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Empire Today in Ridgecrest, California - Responded that they were trying to resolve issues.

Empire Today, LLC (“Empire”) regrets any inconvenience to Ms. Kattenhorn and has, accordingly, attempted in good faith to fully resolve Ms. Kattenhorn’s concerns; however, Ms. Kattenhorn has rejected several of our offers to resolve her concerns, and we continue to wait for Ms. Kattenhorn to provide certain information required to resolve this matter. Nonetheless, Empire remains willing to amicably resolve this matter with Ms. Katthenhorn.
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I am dismayed that Empire Today has so many complaints on this site, yet they keep saying they are sorry and working on resolving the issues. I have complied with all their requests, yet nothing has been resolved.

My attorney has contacted their attorney, and they still will not agree to do what is the right thing to do. I also have contacted the California State Contractors Licensing Board (CSLB) and the bonding company that insures Empire Today here in California. Investigations are being conducted, and a field representative from CSLB will be coming to my home to see the "result" Empire Today caused. Ms.

Woods' idea of making things right was to try and pressure me into allowing them to come back into my home and install yet another floor, and then offered a stipend of a couple hundred dollars for all the inconveniences they caused. No mention of taking responsibility for the damages they caused or making restitution for them. Now there are attorneys involved, and still nothing has been resolved. Empire Today needs to really examine their policies and who they hire to represent the company.

So far, just lip service as to their desire to resolve the issues. Will keep you posted.

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Conplaint against Empire Today sibstandard shower stall installation

Yolande, although it has been a few years since your installation, we do apologize for the problems you’ve had with your bathroom. It’s our understanding that we’re agreed on a resolution. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Complaint about Empire Today

Following a leak into my downstairs neighbors' unit, it was determined (by 2 plumbers) that the shower they installed 4 and a half years ago was installed very poorly, and the shower pan was sinking around the drain, breaking the seal and thus causing the leak. The pan needs to be re-installed, or another pan installed.

My insurance company talked to them. I put in a service request on 10/26/11, and was told someone would contact me within 1-3 business days. Noone did. I called again on Oct. 31, and the earliest day a plumber would come, their employee said, was Friday, Nov. 3. The appointment was made for 2 PM.

Today, Nov. 3, their plumber called before 8 am to tell me the person who was supposed to come "had a family emergency" and could only come Sat., nov. 4 in the morning. I refused; I received another call again a few minutes later, just before 8 AM, and was told that someone was on his way and would arrive at 9 am... 20 mins later, their plumber called again, saying the #5 Freeway was very slow, and he would be late. When I told him he messed up my day, he told me I "messed up his day too". 1) How professional is that? 2) It is now 10:20 AM, and noone has showed up. Somehow, I very much doubt that I will see today a plumber from Empire Today.

It is obvious that Empire Today is are failing to fulfill their responsibilities, that the shower stall was not installed according to professional standards, and that I incurred a major prejudice, through their fault. My shower has been non-operational for several weeks.

Empire Today seems incapable of sending me a COMPETENT PERSON, WHO COMES AT THE STATED TIME, so that my shower pan can be replaced properly and professionally. I will need to have the work done by a licensed plumber of my choice and have them pay the bill. Since I have the feeling that I would have difficulty recovering that money, I am filing a complaint with the BBB, and/or filing a legal procedure against Empire Today; I will also request that their license be revoked. I will not only claim financial damages, but personal and emotional prejudice. All the more since I already had a leak problem right after they installed the shower in May 2007.