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Don't believe the 50-50-50 advertisement. They gave us a price on carpeting, but would not give a price per sq yard after asking a couple of times.

Wanting to get the job done, we agreed to go ahead. Only after the salesman left, we got out the calculator and the cost came to $46.26 per yd. If this was 50% off, that translates to $92.56 per sq yard. We cancelled immediately and went with a trusted dealer.

They lowered the price a couple of times, but we had no trust in them.

Be wary of these fantastic deals on carpeting. If it appears to be too good of a deal, do your homework and be sure you are getting what they advertised.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empire Today Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I had the same exact situation. I was quoted a price for laminate and vinyl which was to be 50% off.

I asked for the list price so I could see what kind of deal I was getting. The salesperson told me he could not give it to me because Empire does not work that way.

He used the scam of calling his boss to see how he could get the list prices and came back with a price $2,000 lower than what was originally quoted. Be very careful on Empire pricing.

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