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Empire Today - Will never buy anything from Empire again

We appreciate the customer contacting us regarding their concerns.

As stated in the customer’s complaint, the manufacturer sent an independent inspector to review the installed floor. The conclusion was that the home was not kept in normal humidity conditions as required by the manufacturer. As such, over the two years since installation, the low humidity in the home slowly drew moisture from the installed floor.

We have recommend that the homeowner address the low humidity in the home, which in turn will stabilize and swell the hardwood slightly, resolving the issue.

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Reason of review
Preferred solution

My husband and I purchased hardwood floors through Empire Today back in December 2015. This past December 2017 I started noticing splits and cracks in the flooring.

I contacted Empire and they sent someone out to look at it. The person said they never saw anything like it. He said Jan 2018 is their slow time and someone would come out to fix the problem boards. At the time there was about 20 boards messed up.

In January the installer came out around 4 in the afternoon. By then there was about 50 problem boards. He said he could not do it because it would take to long and it looks like the entire flooring should be replaced. So I called Empire back.

They scheduled me for another date. The installer Rich Starkey came out to do the work and he also said it was a lot of work and he contacted Empire because he did not know what to do about all the problem boards. Finally after a few weeks Empire contacted the manufacturer. The manufacturer sent out an inspector to look at the floor.He tooks some test.

I asked him what is causing it. He said he was not able to tell me even though I was the customer. I have Made plenty of call to Empire (Kris Rubino) left messages and it took at times a week to get back to me. Finally last week Kris called and said the manufacturer denied the claim.

He said it was due to low humidity in the house. I asked him for the report . He emailed it to me. What he failed to tell me was that the inspector also said the flooring was not acclimated to the house.

This was not done prior to installing the floors. He said he would check with the bosses because he did not think it had to be done prior to installing. Tim Sherwin the regional manager called me and said it does not have to be done in my house because it was already done at the warehouse. I asked him for an email stating this and he said no.

He said the customer knows that it is a next day service. From what i have been reading on the internet hardwood Floors needs to be at the least 96 hrs acclimate in the house. prior to installing the hardwood. This was definitely not done.

If I ever have anything this major done I will check on the customer reviews before I sign the papers. I have been reading plenty of reviews about Empire and I now know I am not the only one with problems from this company.

If anyone asked me about my flooring I will discourage them from going with this company. I will let them know the terrible customer service that I received.

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Empire Today - DISGUSTED

Dear Kathleen,

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we assure you that we work with our customers from start to finish until their concerns are addressed.

We regret to hear that you remain unsatisfied, and are aware that we’re currently working with you to find the most adequate solution. We’ll continue to review your concerns, and will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you,
-ET Customer Support
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  • Ripped me off and still lying to me
  • Fast scheduling
  • False advertising
  • Never use them again
  • Intentional electronic transactions so you get no paperwork
Reason of review
switched product and didn't show me brfore installing
Preferred solution
Deliver product or service ordered

Project manager (who had my flooring) was 2 hours later than installers and started the installation without showing me the product. Flooring was red, not brown and almost completely installed before I saw him or the flooring.

I am so disgusted. I've been trying to finish this project for 2 months now and to have this happen now after painting my whole condo, and with so much stuff in my living room for this long is just ridiculous. Looks like they switched the product. The name of the product was Newport, but they brought Bruce to my home.

I, in good faith paid cash for this project... Won't do that again! Waiting to see how long this will take and how they will handle this.

I want my floors replaced or to be reimbursed minus the installation so I can get this project done... I will try to update soon...

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Empire Today - No resolution, yet - Resolved

Dear Toni,

Your concerns are important to us, and we assure you that we work with our customers day in and day out until their concerns are fully addressed.

We understand that this has been a frustrating matter for you, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to continue working on a resolution. We thank you for your patience.

-ET Customer Support
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Reason of review
Bad quality
Empire Today - No resolution, yet
Empire Today - No resolution, yet
Empire Today - No resolution, yet
Empire Today - No resolution, yet

Update by user Sep 03, 2018

It was resolved to my satisfaction. I hired someone else.

Update by user Apr 03, 2018

I am still working on the best solution for me. But getting much closer to a resolution with Empire Today.

Update by user Mar 16, 2018

I guess I am repeating myself but I still do not have closure. I feel that my flooring installation is a hostage. I do not want Empire Today to come back to my home and I want the balance removed from my account so I can hire a professional.

Update by user Mar 16, 2018

4 crews have been sent to fix the unprofessional installation along with 2 different supervisors and now Empire Today wants to install new flooring. I cannot accept their unprofessional installation as I had given them many chances.

I have been disappointed every time they left, it does not look better. Because I will not accept a new flooring by another unprofessional Empire Today flooring contractor or a reduction in the balance I will be sent to collections. I have emailed a estimate from a licensed flooring contractor that will put in new flooring and new baseboard for more than I paid for Empire Today. The contractor removed the quarter round and saw the uneven cut that has been covered up by quarter round.

He feels it cannot be fixed and I have been saying that all along. The vinyl that was installed was cut uneven and the vinyl installation should have been done in a professional manner. For example the closet runners should have been removed and the vinyl should have been put under the closet strip. I had hoped to get an estimate on new baseboards but the vinyl is cut so poorly it could not be covered up to baseboard is whide enough.

Empire Today will not replace baseboards, or fix the wall damage. Or other damage done by the installation. I am requesting that my balance be removed so I can have a professional install new flooring. If I accept a lower balance from Empire I have to sign a waiver stating that I cannot say anything negative about Empire Today and waive any rights to the flooring warranty.

Not worth it by the way it looks today. The caulking around the toilets is also sloppy and unprofessional and usually not done when installing hard surfaces. Does Better Business Bureau Care?

Should I try them next? Just wondering.

Update by user Mar 13, 2018

After 4 crews from Empire Today and 2 inspection supervisors could not fix the damage I am requesting that I will no longer be held responsible for the unprofessional installation balance. New floor has to be installed.

I have received estimates from licensed contractors that are professional flooring installers. I had hoped to have new baseboards installed to cover up the damaged baseboards and large quarter round used by Empire Today. But the flooring cannot be fixed because the vinyl was cut incorrectly. New baseboard would not cover up the unprofessional installation and unevenly cut vinyl.

Even around the toilets there was a lot of caulking to cover up the vinyl that was cut incorrectly. I have given Empire Today many chances to fix the damage and do not want them to return to my home again.

I have been disappointed too many times and do no feel there are professional flooring installers that work for Empire Today that work in my area. This is still not resolved!!!

Update by user Mar 07, 2018

I have been in contract with customer relations but after 4 crews that have come to repair it is still as the photos attached, very unprofessional. I have been offered another crew to put in a new floor but I don't bevel the damaged baseboards or wall will be repaired.

I am now being sent to collection for the balance. As I said before I have been intimated and called a liar by the original installers. I have waited several times for crews in the 4 hour windows for them to show up sometimes not at all. The 15 page contract that I signed (on a ipad) notes only arbitration and I have not had that yet.

I have offered to pay $500.00 to finish is account, I have already paid $155 for the deposit. This is my Empire Today Experience Toni Burke

Original review posted by user Mar 04, 2018

I have been speaking with customer relations for many months since the day it was installed. I did not like the installation from the beginning and wanted them to stop. The installers said they had to do the job and that we could complain later. (I should have sent them home without finishing).

Customer Relations have been helpful in trying to resolve my installation problem. It is very difficult to remove quarter round and caulking that was installed unprofessional and sloppy the first time.

Empire Today has sent crews out 4 times to try and fix the initial installation plus 2 supervisors. The original crew, that I requested not to return, came back to remove all of the white caulking and white quarter round. They also left marks from the old quarter round and left over white caulking in different areas. I felt intimated by this original crew when they returned. They really did not want to remove all of white caulking that was applied everywhere. See the photos. I was told by the salesman a small bead would be used by the bathtub areas, that was not the case. Caulking was everywhere.

In the original 15 page contract, I requested two bathrooms done with vinyl, which seemed like a good product. But a large roll is hard to manage by one person. The product is good but the installation was done unprofessionally. Glue and cement was applied to the walls and doors that should have been on the floor.

Right now I am negotiating a large reduction in the installation cost due to the many times I had to wait for a 4 hour window and it still needs a lot of work. My baseboards have been damaged from the previous white quarter round. The paint the last crew used was white and my baseboards are a beige color.

The old caulking is still showing in different places and by removing the caulking more damage was done to the baseboard and flooring. Empire Today wants to re-install the flooring with a good crew. I am done, and I do no have the time to spend the day or 2 with any more Empire Today crews.

I will have my local flooring expert put new baseboards in and do a professional job at a great expense to me.

Hope these details are clear to anyone following this installation problem.

This is how it looks today.

Toni Burke

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Excellent job

Dear Customer,

We’re thrilled to hear that your concerns were addressed in a timely manner, and are glad to know that we made beautiful new floors easy for you! We hope to work with you on future projects.

Thank you for sharing!

-ET Customer Support
#1200181 Review #1200181 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Good customer service

Monday and Tuesday my floors were replaced. By the time of completion I still had no word about Wednesday which the carpet was to be done. The floor person then upon my telling him my concern. He called at 2pm and found out we weren’t on the schedule. So we were told that someone would be there in the am.

I called in the am to two different departments to let them know I had an appointment at 10 am and was going to be gone left my number and asked to please call me.

The driver came at 10:30 am and had to come back as I was gone. I did get an automated voice mail at 10:20. He came back at 12:pm and was so pleasant and accommodating. Which by this time I was disappointed that no one called me back. But Bruno turned my disappointment into joy.

His experience was appreciated. My carpet looks great and I’m very happy.

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today Does Not Do Quality Work

Dear Steven,

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we strive to address all customer concerns from the start of their sales appointment to post installation.

We thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and regret to hear that you remain unsatisfied. We’ll be further investigating this matter, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

Thank you.
#1141728 Review #1141728 is a subjective opinion of poster.
  • Enitre dealing - never again
  • Poor follow up on installation
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Full refund

Back in September 2015 I hired Empire to install LVT . I have had moisture issues since the installation.

Empire denies that the moisture due to a water leak resulted from them. I paid an extra $1000 to have the damaged tiles repaired. The repair work was never done properly. Tiles are popping up everywhere.

It's a tripping hazard. I have been fighting this issue for two years. No satisfaction. They have offered me $1000 to make me go away.

The assessor they sent out 3 months ago gave me a written assessment of the shoddy work the contractors performed. His suggestion was to rip the entire floor up and redo it, or else receive a full refund. Empire is not willing to do any of that in spite of the written assessment one of their employees left in my home.

My assessment of Empire Today is to stay away from them! I am wanting to be fully reimbursed.

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Absolutely terrible

Dear Kat,
We view every customer purchase as an ongoing relationship, and we strive to achieve customer satisfaction every step of the way.

We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, and sincerely regret to hear that this was your experience. We’ll be in touch with you shortly to learn more.

Thank you for your patience.
-ET Customer Support
#1130436 Review #1130436 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Order processing issue
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

I recently had carpet installed at my home by empire. this was one of the worst experiences of my life.

first of all, they showed up with the wrong color of carpet different from the one I ordered. they insisted that that's the one I ordered.. secondly they took much longer than promised for the actual process. they did not tidy up at all and left the whole house in a mess.

the installers were surly and obnoxious.

based on my experience, I would advise any one contemplating carpet installation by this company to run far far away. ..

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Very disappointed

Dear Cindy,
For over 55 years we’ve been committed to providing outstanding customer service from start to finish. Our mission is to make beautiful new floors easy for all of customers and we accomplish this by putting our customers first.
We’re disappointed to hear about the delay in your installation, and regret to hear that you’ve decided to cancel your order. This is not the experience we wish for our customers, and we’ll be further investigating your concerns.
Thank you.
-ET Customer Support
#1121808 Review #1121808 is a subjective opinion of poster.

We met with Dinah to review samples and schedule our installation. Due to the challenges with the layout in our home we scheduled the installation over 2 days and included the installers to move the furniture.

I spoke with an Empire represenative 2 days before the install to confirm the plan. On the first day off the install we had prepared 2 bedrooms with only bed frames and matresses to be moved out. The installers arrived and I showed them the areas to do that day. They told me that they were only there for one day and that because the third bedroom was not ready they would not be doing the work.

I suggested they do the first bedroom and when working on the second room and stairs we would shift the furniture over so the last room would be available to carpet. Neither worker spoke very good English and refused to talk with me about completing the work. I had a call from Empire who explained that this was only to be a one day job, that Dinah was incorrect to schedule it as she had and that we'd need to reschedule. She also was unwilling to work with me.

The workers proceeded to leave the job.

Not only had this been a horrible experience but I'm out 2 days of work, I don't have my new carpets and my life has been unnecessarily disrupted by tearing apart my rooms. I've cancelled my order and will purchse my flooring elsewhere.

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Worst experience in home improvement EVER!

Dear Ron,

We pride ourselves in making beautiful new floors easy for our customers, and strive to accomplish this by providing exceptional customer service from beginning to end, starting with our sale appointments.
We’re disappointed to hear that your sales experience did not meet your expectations, and assure you that we take matters such as this one very seriously. We’ll be in touch with you soon to learn more.

Thank you.
-ET Customer Support
#1116488 Review #1116488 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
None, letting company know about seller
  • Bad dealer service

The team member that came out to my home to give me a quote preferred to tell me about his side business as a car salesman and tried to sell me a Tesla! Wow, My wife and I both had to remind him that we are in the market for new laminate flooring for my whole house.

We just bought a new vehicle six months ago! We were not offered a quote of any type other than being handed a tablet with a price of $6.40 per sq ft. I asked for some formal quote on paper and was told that Empire does not offer a quote, it is for visual purposes only. At $6.40 per sq ft for laminate, that is and outrageous price.

We were prompted about 6 times for a $25 deposit before we basically had to ask the guy to go. Once he understood that we are not going to make a deposit, he very quickly packed his samples and was gone, didn't even ask for directions out. I simply can't believe as a business owner myself, that a company this large operates in this manner.

An email through the Empire website resulting in no response after four days. I currently have an appointment with another flooring company that has already via phone exceeded the customer service of Empire

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today - Unhappy with entire experience

Dear Lisa,
Customer care and complete satisfaction is our highest mission, and we accomplish this by providing our customers with the best quality service nationwide.

We thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and assure you that we take matters such as this one very seriously. We’ll be in contact with you soon to start working with you towards a solution.
Thank you for your patience.
#1115313 Review #1115313 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Bad quality

I would never recommend Empire, nor would I ever use again. First, their salesperson assured us the hardwood flooring we selected was very durable and would not scratch, even when we told him we had a large dog.

Well that was a lie. Our flooring already has scratches. Secondly, we have two areas which seemed "soft" to us. The installation supervisor came to inspect and told us they did need to re-do those areas because they were not level and would eventually crack the boards.

After having a *** of a time finally getting installers scheduled, we find someone to come to our house to let the installers in since we both work, and the installers tell us there is nothing wrong with it and the installation supervisor didn't know what he was talking about. So they didn't do the repairs (what a waste of time for the people we asked to come to the house to let them in) When we called supervisor back, he again told us they had to be repaired and they were not installed correctly. SERIOUSLY? We have no idea who to believe.

Supervisor calls us again today trying to schedule different installers to make the repairs. So, once again, we need to have someone take time to come to our house to let these people in and we aren't even a sure at this point if the floors truly need to be fixed. We at a loss for what to do. Who do we believe?

We are hesitant to let them even touch our floors again and worried what they will do to the a structure of our flooring. This company contracts with people who cannot even I agree if the installation was correct or not! Called corporate office trying to get someone a bit higher up to fix this entire mess. We haven't heard back from them yet.

HORRIBLE company! Sales people are misleading, installers can't decide what is the correct way to install floors. To really top it all off, the quarter round they use is not even stained wood. It is a piece of wood with a wood-like sticker on it!

HORRIBLE quality! I would never recommend EMPIRE, especially for hardwood flooring. As of today, I have not heard back from corporate headquarters, only the installation supervisor, whom I am not even sure to trust!

I would actually rate them 0 for sales, -0 for installation, and 0 for quality! A rating of 1 is too good for this company!

Empire Today's reply to:

Empire Today in Covington, Georgia - Empire not honor warranty

Dear Leslie,

Our customers are our number one priority, and we strive to provide a positive experience from start to finish.

We appreciate you making us aware of this matter, and regret to hear that you feel this way. We’ll be following up with you soon to discuss your concerns and continue working towards a solution.
Thank you for your patience.

-ET Customer Support
#1114810 Review #1114810 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised


On 6/26 this very nice sales lady named Angela Pittman from Empire Today came to my house. She said that the Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet I was purchasing I would be able to clean up myself and it would not leave stains or odors behind. I said are you sure? Yes, don’t worry about our Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet.

I also explained that I would need a transition piece to match the rest of the flooring in the house. On July 7th the installers from Empire Today came to my house. First words out of their mouths, “I am not sure if we have enough of the Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet for this job” This should have been my first sign. They finished, I explained to them that they had the wrong transition piece installed.

Their comment was, “You have to call the office”. I called the Empire Today office and got the run around for about a week. I figured it would just be easier to go to my local Home Depot or Lowes and get the piece myself. I have an elderly dog as well as a young puppy and as you all know poo happens.

I follow the sales ladies from Empire Today instruction and try to clean the Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet myself. Needless to say my stairs still smell like I’m walking through urine. This is beyond disgusting. I call the Empire Today main office.

The Empire Todays main office gave me the song and dance about how they will take care of the issue with the Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet and pass it on to the right person. I should get a call the next day. No call came. Imagine that.

I called Empire Today back, they said we promise someone will call you tomorrow. Someone from Empire Today finally calls, gave me the same song and dance. It’s like Empire Todays customer service is reading from a script. Yesterday I called Empire Today again, supposedly talked to a manager.

He says no one is in at the local Empire Today office to take the call but someone will be calling me. At this point I schedule a sales appointment with Empire Today. It’s was amazing someone from Empire Today was able to come out that same day. My thought was great Empire Today can sell me carpet, but not fix their Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet.

Amanda from Empire Today, the nice sales lady shows up. I explain the issue I am having with Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet to her. She did acknowledge that there was a problem. She calls her manager.

With a look of utter sympathy she says you have to have this professionally cleaned before we can do anything. I said so every time my dogs have an accident on Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet I have to call a professional? She said yes. She apologized that the Angela did not explain that to me when she sold me the Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet, but there was nothing further she could do.

Around 6 that same evening I get a call from Michelle at Empire Today. She apologizes for all the different stories I have received from Empire Today regarding Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet that most certainly there is something that Empire Today can do to help me. She said that all she needed to do was look up the warranty for the Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet. Amazingly enough, she was having computer problems.

She promised to send her information to me via email and I would get a return call from her the next day. I did not get an email or a return call. No surprise there. I gave it one last shot.

I called and spoke to Michael got the same script again. I would never purchase flooring of any kind that only a professional must clean. I guess Empire Today expects me to shell out $125.00 every time my dogs have an accident on their Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet not only that, but to have to wait days and just live with the smell of dog *** for that long. Why does Empire Today bother selling Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet when Empire Today will not stand behind their products?

I don’t feel like I should have to do the labor to fix Empire Todays mess.

All I want is for them to take the Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet out of my house and give a full refund. If they sell Empire Today Pet Friendly Pup Pet Urine Protection Carpet, Empire Today should stand behind the Empire Today products.